Understanding Your Moon Sign (+ More!)

Dawn Champine 
The moon is considered a personal planet in astrology. Where the sun is your outward expression (the ego) the moon represents your inner world, i.e. the psyche. It represents our emotional development, and our abilities to meet our physical needs. 

The moon is our emotional foundation. It is associated with the mother. The moon shows us our personal self-care needs and is a wonderful guide for working with our Inner-Child. It is in our earliest childhood experiences that we develop patterns of behavior to help us meet our survival needs. 

The moon has rulership over the night, dreamland and those things that are hidden from plain sight, but if you understand your moon astrology, you can  train your eyes to see in the "darkness." 

Understanding your personal moon is like being given the keys to accessing your unconscious motivations. Knowing your moon can help you tap into your truest desires. 

With this mini-course, you will learn: 
  • About the significance of the moon placement in your natal chart, including sign, moon phase, house and aspects -- and why these are important!
  • Your soul's journey and purpose.
  • How to ride the waves of YOUR personal energy cycles
  • How to "cycle" through your resources in a way that is emotionally nourishing. 
  • Examples of moon altars and guided visualizations for intention setting.

Understanding Your Moon Sign includes:
  • Downloadable PDF files and workbook
  • Links to Video and Audio Files
  • This course will launch on the Leo New Moon July 23, 2017. 

XO to the moon and back! 


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Understanding Your Moon Sign (+ More!)

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